Troubleshooting of Mofi 4500 router

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It is wise to be in the latest firmware. You could either do a remote update if you have a working internet in the MOFI router by going to System and then remote update and perform remote update. If you want to do a manual upgrade (if you do not have a working internet in the MOFI router), follow this video tutorial:

At this point make sure the SIM is inside the router. Now log into the router and go to Network and then MOFI internal modem and then all the way to the bottom of the page click on Press here to reset the Sierra module. Once the router is up, perform a factory default. The internet should work automatically. If not, make sure the APN you are seeing is You can check APN from MOFI Internal Modem, all the way to the bottom of the page you should see your current Access Point. If we are good on that side, go ahead and check your signal strength. Go to Overview from the top left hand corner on the list. On the middle of the page, click on Check Signal Strength.

If the signal isn’t good enough, you can try to perform band lock as well. To perform band lock, follow the instruction below:

LTE bands are 2, 4, 12/17 and 71.

Please follow the instructions to perform Band Lock on MOFI4500 router :

• Log into the router
• Go to MOFI Internal modem and below that go to Band lock
• On the right-hand side you should be able to see Lock Modem to a Band and then select Band 2 from the list.
• Click next and then finish in the next screen.
• The router will go through a power cycle. Once it is up your router will be locked to Band 2. Run at least three-speed tests if you have internet light on and note it down.

Repeat the same process for Band 2, 4, 12/17 and 71. Then finally lock on to the band that gives you the best results.

NOTE: If you do not see internet light for one specific band, then either the signal is really poor for that band or that very band isn't offered in your location

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