Mofi 4500 Change Password

 May 14, 2020     0 Comments

Connect to the Wifi 

From the web browser (Chrome, Safari, etc.) type into the address bar at the top

When asked for your login password use: admin

On lefthand side select Network then pick WiFi

Under WiFi Basic Settings and then choose Network Name ESSID change this if allowed so your device doesn't get confused when the password changes.

Under Encryption: it will read no encryption by default

Select: WPA2-WSK

Select: Wireless Password Key and then select the password field type in a new password

(Password must have 8 characters)

On the bottom right-hand corner select Save

Note: It takes 20 or 30 seconds to propagate the new password

You will no longer be able to access anymore on the current page as the device refreshes so exit the page and wait until the device has saved the new settings.

Go back to the section of your computer, smartphone or device you are using and click to view available wireless networks.  Select the new wireless network name and then type in your new password.  It will reconnect and you will be able to continue surfing the web as usual.

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