Mofi 4500 Support Guide

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Mofi Connection Troubleshooting

1.Remove Sim

2.Connect via WiFi (leave sim in if no alternative WiFi)

3.Open Admin -> Select Mofi Internal Modem -> Hard Reset

4.Power OFF device (remove sim here, if no alternate WiFi from STEP 2)

5.Insert SIM and power on

6.Open Admin -> Select Mofi Internal Modem -> Select General Settings -> Confirm if ICCID, MDN and SIM ID is showing (if not showing repeat from STEP 1)

7.Go to connected device such as phones/laptops

8.Forget Hotspot connection from Wifi list

9.Reconnect to hotspot, re-input password.

Mofi Speed Troubleshooting

1.Insert Sim

2.Connect in Wifi connections

3.Go to or

4.Default info: Username: root Password: admin

5.Select Wizard - input preferred router passwords

6.Select country - APN set to auto


8.Select Mofi Internal Modem

9.Under PROVIDER SELECTER - click T-Mobile or generic


11.Select Mofi Internal Modem

12.Under General Settings confirm if you see MDN and ICCID

13.Select in Access Point (APN): T-Mobile new


15.Select Band Scanner - Start scan

16.Confirm first Band Available (confirm all bands)

17.Select BandLock - choose first band from scan


19.Speed Test

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