WifiRanger Admin Login

  • July 27, 2020

1. Power up your WiFiRanger(s)

2. Wirelessly connect your

device to your WiFiRanger:

Examples of network names

  • Pvt.WFR_Teton._ _ _ _
  • Pvt.WFR_Denali._ _ _ _
  • Pvt.WFR_Everest._ _ _ _
  • Pvt.WFR_Poplar._ _ _ _
  • Pvt.WFR_Spruce._ _ _ _
  • Pvt.WFR_Aspen._ _ _ _

Network names vary depending on which WiFiRanger model(s) you have. Note that the blank spaces need to be filled in with the 4 unique digits of your WiFiRanger(s).

3. Enter Password:

changemenow_ _ _ _

Enter password in lower case with no spaces. Note that the blank spaces need to be filled in with the 4 unique digits of your WiFiRanger. You can get the number from the end of the network name.

4. Visit mywifiranger.com

This brings up the WiFiRanger Control Panel which can be bookmarked for future access.

5. Click Connect on WiFi network or Cellular device

Once connected

Select the “Setup” tab

Expand modem settings by clicking the appropriate gear icon:

a) Standalone WiFiRanger (indoor or outdoor unit):

(I) Click “Cellular” gear icon

b) Pack WiFiRangers (indoor and outdoor units):

(I) Click “Cellular” gear icon to access indoor unit modem

(II) Click “WFRControl” gear icon to access outdoor unit modem 

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