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You will need to manually set up the APN for your Blue200 plan.

Please use the following APN:

Please ensure the following authentication settings are in place to gain access:

Authentication Mode: pap

Please enter the following username and password

Username: data

Password: data

Here are the steps to set up a custom APN for various mobile routers

How to set your APN on Netgear Nighthawk M1

How to set your APN on Mofi 4500

How to set your APN on Pep Link 

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Philip Edgar
November 8, 2020

i was not sent this information when I signed up ----- how come ???

there was not even a hint that I had to search on how to make a connection --- is this because I didn't buy a modem from you'll

do theses settings get me on the 200 gb plan/ month

you also have a very clunky password reset process

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