Mofi4500- Confirm APN Settings

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Confirm APN Settings

Carrier    APN
AT&T(Blue Unlimited)broadband
T-Mobile(Forever Fuschia)
Verizon(Big Red)
Verizon(Red Rover0
  1. Log into the MOFI Router by connecting a phone, tablet/iPad, computer, etc. to the MOFI network (regardless if the router is giving off an internet connection or not), opening a non-Chrome browser (Safari, Internet Explorer, or FireFox), and typing into the browser's address bar, which will bring you to the MOFI Router's login screen
    the default username is root
    the default password is admin
    2. Click on "MoFi Internal Modem" under Network

    3. On the general settings page, for the entry “Access Point (APN)”, enter the value for your carrier from            the table above

NOTE: on some firmware versions, this is a drop-down separated by country and carrier. Select the option with Sprint and United States in this scenario.

     4. Click save and wait for the modem to reconnect. 

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