Ultimate 4G/LTE Airesy

Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of Ultimate 4G/LTE Airesy, custom built for our Ultimate Plan. Your device is active and ready to connect. You can use it immediately.

1. Press the power button and hold it down till you see Welcome on your display.

2. After 30 seconds or so, in your WIFI options of your computer, etc. click on Millenicom.

3. The password type in 1234567890 and then click enter. Connects up to 32 devices.

You can connect your Airesy directly to your computer with the USB cord (included) to both charge your device as well as create a direct connection and connect others via the WIFI or bypass relying on its WIFI function.

To change your password, (Must be 10 characters) or make any other proprietary modification:


1.  Connect to your device and then type in the URL field of your browser

2.  If necessary, in the top, right-hand corner modify the language option to English

3.  Use admin as the password

4.  In the settings interface, click the question mark icon to open any menu item.

5.  To request the user manual as an attachment, email support@millenicom.com

Function description

The Ultimate 4G/LTE Airesy is a high-speed portable 4G router and provides data access and SMS functions such as TDD-LTE / FDD-LTE / TD SCDMA / WCDMA / GSM, which supports Bands 2, 4, 5, 12 and 17. At the same time, the Ultimate 4G/LTE MIFI supports Micro SD card operability, which provides mobile USB disk function.




Function description


Display screen

Display the information of signal, network connection type, power, etc.


WPS button

For starting WPS function


Micro USB interface

1. For charging router

2. Connect the PC through the USB cable to provide USB Disk function and RNDIS  Internet mode


Switch button

For turning on and turning off


SIM card slot

For installing SIM card


TF card slot

For installing Micro SD card (TF card)


Reset hole

For factory reset

Ultimate 4G/LTE Airesy main features:

  Supports TDD-LTE/FDD-LTE/TD SCDMA/WCDMA/GSM etc. multi network modes

  Supports TF card and offers USB disk functionality

  Supports RNDIS mode: plugs into your PC or laptop to connect to the Internet

  Supports WPS function that allows users to simply and securely connect to WIFI

  Supports ‘fast boot’: set the fast boot mode for quick restart to your device

  Supports power-saving mode: set your WIFI coverage capacity to increase battery life

  Supports firewall functionality: provides address filtering, port mapping, UPnP, DMZ, etc.


When changing the WIFI password it must be 10 characters long or it will block access 

It is wise to be in the latest firmware. You could either do a remote update if you have a working internet in the MOFI router by going to System and then remote update and perform remote update. If you want to do a manual upgrade (if you do not have a working internet in the MOFI router), follow this video tutorial: www.youtube.com/watch?v=7g8SGYDNVbw

At this point make sure the SIM is inside the router. Now log into the router and go to Network and then MOFI internal modem and then all the way to the bottom of the page click on Press here to reset the Sierra module. Once the router is up, perform a factory default. The internet should work automatically. If not, make sure the APN you are seeing is fast.t-mobile.com. You can check APN from MOFI Internal Modem, all the way to the bottom of the page you should see your current Access Point. If we are good on that side, go ahead and check your signal strength. Go to Overview from the top left hand corner on the list. On the middle of the page, click on Check Signal Strength.

If the signal isn’t good enough, you can try to perform band lock as well. To perform band lock, follow the instruction below:

LTE bands are 2, 4, 12/17 and 71.

Please follow the instructions to perform Band Lock on MOFI4500 router :

• Log into the router
• Go to MOFI Internal modem and below that go to Band lock
• On the right-hand side you should be able to see Lock Modem to a Band and then select Band 2 from the list.
• Click next and then finish in the next screen.
• The router will go through a power cycle. Once it is up your router will be locked to Band 2. Run at least three-speed tests if you have internet light on and note it down.

Repeat the same process for Band 2, 4, 12/17 and 71. Then finally lock on to the band that gives you the best results.

NOTE: If you do not see internet light for one specific band, then either the signal is really poor for that band or that very band isn't offered in your location

When you order a static IP that is assigned through Millenicom, you must change the APN on your modem from fast.t-mobile.com to b2b.static for The Ultimate plan or from broadband to psmtneorm for the True Blue plan in order for it to work properly.

Contact support to request a Static IP.

This is the password you will need to provide every time you connect a new device to the Mofi's Wifi network.

  1. Connect to Mofi via WiFi
  2. Open Admin (login steps)
  3. Click the network option in the left sidebar.
  4. Click WiFi from the list on the left
  5. Scroll down to The Wireless Password/Key (Case Sensitive): This is the WiFi password you use to connect to your network. Create a strong password here of at least 10 characters. This password should contain numbers, symbols, and letters (both upper and lower case).
  6. Save your changes by clicking the Save button before leaving this page.

Note: any devices that were connected before this change will need to be reconnected with the updated password.

You can access usage (period total or select “reset bandwidth database") under bandwidth and filters.

Mofi Connection Troubleshooting

1.Remove Sim

2.Connect via WiFi (leave sim in if no alternative WiFi)

3.Open Admin -> Select Mofi Internal Modem -> Hard Reset

4.Power OFF device (remove sim here, if no alternate WiFi from STEP 2)

5.Insert SIM and power on

6.Open Admin -> Select Mofi Internal Modem -> Select General Settings -> Confirm if ICCID, MDN and SIM ID is showing (if not showing repeat from STEP 1)

7.Go to connected device such as phones/laptops

8.Forget Hotspot connection from Wifi list

9.Reconnect to hotspot, re-input password.

Mofi Speed Troubleshooting

1.Insert Sim

2.Connect in Wifi connections

3.Go to or

4.Default info: Username: root Password: admin

5.Select Wizard - input preferred router passwords

6.Select country - APN set to auto


8.Select Mofi Internal Modem

9.Under PROVIDER SELECTER - click T-Mobile or generic


11.Select Mofi Internal Modem

12.Under General Settings confirm if you see MDN and ICCID

13.Select in Access Point (APN): T-Mobile new


15.Select Band Scanner - Start scan

16.Confirm first Band Available (confirm all bands)

17.Select BandLock - choose first band from scan


19.Speed Test

Log into the device at (don't use Chrome or Edge)

the default username is root

the default password is admin

The reset button is located on the back of the router.

Use a sharp tool eg. paperclip or a pen to press the button.

Press and hold the button for 20 seconds, the router will restart and reset to the factory settings.

Note! After MoFi MOFI3500-3GN has been reset, all settings that apply to the connection and the network must be reconfigured. After resetting, the router will restart. On initial start-up, the factory settings are recharged and the computer loses connection to the router for about 30 seconds. You can then login the setup interface of the MoFi MOFI3500-3GN router and reconfigure the network.

1. Power up your WiFiRanger(s)

2. Wirelessly connect your

device to your WiFiRanger:

Examples of network names

  • Pvt.WFR_Teton._ _ _ _
  • Pvt.WFR_Denali._ _ _ _
  • Pvt.WFR_Everest._ _ _ _
  • Pvt.WFR_Poplar._ _ _ _
  • Pvt.WFR_Spruce._ _ _ _
  • Pvt.WFR_Aspen._ _ _ _

Network names vary depending on which WiFiRanger model(s) you have. Note that the blank spaces need to be filled in with the 4 unique digits of your WiFiRanger(s).

3. Enter Password:

changemenow_ _ _ _

Enter password in lower case with no spaces. Note that the blank spaces need to be filled in with the 4 unique digits of your WiFiRanger. You can get the number from the end of the network name.

4. Visit mywifiranger.com

This brings up the WiFiRanger Control Panel which can be bookmarked for future access.

5. Click Connect on WiFi network or Cellular device

Once connected

Select the “Setup” tab

Expand modem settings by clicking the appropriate gear icon:

a) Standalone WiFiRanger (indoor or outdoor unit):

(I) Click “Cellular” gear icon

b) Pack WiFiRangers (indoor and outdoor units):

(I) Click “Cellular” gear icon to access indoor unit modem

(II) Click “WFRControl” gear icon to access outdoor unit modem 

If you’ve changed the SIM card in your WiFiRanger modem and need to refresh the SIM number, follow the steps below:

1. Login to WifiRanger admin (Login steps)

2. Click on “Clear SIM Details” then wait 30 seconds

3. Click on “Reboot Cellular” then wait 60 seconds

4. Reload the Control Panel and verify the new SIM number appears 

(usually unnecessary on latest firmware since APN is automatically detected)

If you are unable to connect to the internet using the WiFiRanger modem even though your data plan is active, then there may be an issue with the modem’s APN. An APN is a password used by the modem for authenticating with your cellular Carrier.

To change the APN, follow the steps below:

1. Follow steps for “Admin login"

2. Enter correct APN into the APN field. Default APN shown table below

3. Click “Save Changes”



TMobile          >


AT&T              >


Note: all lower case

For Static IPs



TMobile            >


AT&T                >


Note: all lower case

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